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Hi, I’m Rachel and I'm so happy you’ve made your way here.


I hope I’ll have the opportunity to get to know you better. If you are interested to know a little more about me, then I invite you to have a read below!



My own journey of seeking wellness and meaning in my life has led me to the three healing arts that I practice today.


Beginning to teach Yoga was my first venture into helping others create more stability, strength, and inner resilience for themselves. As I began to teach groups, I realized that I wanted to work with clients more individually and this led me to study in a 2 year Diploma program of Massage Therapy in British Columbia, Canada. My fascination with the body and its potential for healing deepened.


After years of working with my clients, as well as experiencing my own health struggles with digestion, sleep, stress and physical pain, I began to search for more.


This is when I found Ayurveda. I began to study and dive deep into this ancient healing system from India, which translates as “Science of Life”. It helped me to understand the imbalances that I had in my own body and how my lifestyle and long-lived habits were pushing me further out of alignment. 


Over time, and with continued practice, my health struggles started to fade. Please hear me when I say- I am not interested in perfection…. but I am interested in FEELING good. Each day offers a new opportunity to connect with my body’s natural rhythms and processes, as well as the eb and flow of the natural world. That is the practice of Ayurveda for me. In my spare time you will find me out in the garden, in awe of nature's beauty and learning as much as I can from her.


I feel deeply honoured to have access to these practices and teachings and it is a joy to share what I have learned with others. I look forward to supporting you on your unique healing journey.


With gratitude for you and this moment in time,




I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Rachel, over the 5 weeks we spent together, she provided exceptional knowledge for the foundations of ayurveda. I felt incredible support from her during each session as well as during the week where I integrated what she had taught me. Rachel is very intuitive and empathetic, I can really feel that she cares and puts immense effort into everything she does.

Molly K

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